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halloween partyWe had a Halloween party during the lessons! Students and teachers wore costumes and talked about Halloween. Students decorated treat bags and learned Halloween vocabulary.

trick-or-treating!Trick or treat! The students went trick-or-treating with their new treat bags! They were very excited to knock on the door and get some candy!

come inside!Students answered questions to get some treats! After that, they came inside to read a Halloween story book. They exchanged snacks with their friends and took a picture with their teachers.

I hope you liked the party! See you next year! Happy Halloween!

Summer School 2019

summer school flag We started Summer School by making the Summer School flag. Kindergarten students colored the bears and put them on the flag. We practiced saying the colors in English. We hung the flag in the yard while we played in the pool!

今年もサマースクールの旗を作る事からスタート!幼児たちはベアをいろんな色で塗り、それを旗に貼りました。英語で色の単語を言う練習をしました。 その旗をお庭の木に掛け、プールで遊びました。

boatsStudents made boats to race in the pool. The boats are made of styrofoam. Students drew designs on them with markers. Whose boat was the fastest? We had races in the pool to find out. Students splashed in the water to move their boats to the other side of the pool. It was fun!


games in the poolWe played games together in the pool. Students looked for balls with special stickers on them. It was a treasure hunt! We did some science experiments in the pool, too. It was very hot that day, so we enjoyed cooling down in the water.


listening to teacherStudents listened to me to learn how to make the craft. First we drew a shape on black paper, and next we cut it out. Then we used small pieces of tissue paper to make colorful sun catchers. Students loved their crafts!

生徒達はクラフトの作り方を学ぶために私の言う事をよく聞いていました。最初、黒い紙に一つの形を描きました。そしてその次に私達はその形に紙を切りました。 それから私達は小さなティッシュペーパーを使用して、カラフルなサンキャッチャーを作成しました。生徒達はクラフトが大好きです!

suncatchersWe made suncatchers! We put them on the window. Students chose the shape and colors of their suncatchers. They were very happy to make the craft by themselves, and they were proud of the results. Their mothers and fathers were impressed, too!


group pictureWe took a picture together with our flag and crafts! Everyone had a great time playing together. Teachers had a great time talking to the funny and cute students. Thank you for coming to Teddy Bear Summer School! See you next year!

私達はサマースクール旗や作成したクラフトと共に写真を撮りました。みんな一緒に遊んで素晴らしい時間を過ごしました。 先生達も楽しくかわいい生徒達とお話しする楽しい時間を過ごしました。テディ・ベアのサマースクールに来てくれてありがとう。来年もまたお会いしましょうね!

Summer Party for Adults 2019

adult summer partyThis year we had a free talking party for adults! It was the first time we had such an event in many years. We had soft drinks and snacks and talked together. It was interesting talking to students of all different ages. Students could speak English with other students and teachers that they don't usually see at school. Thank you for coming to our summer party! I hope to see you next time, too!



Christmas 2018

Christmas treeWe had a Christmas party! Students and their families helped us decorate the room. We listened to Christmas carols and put presents under the tree. Students had a present exchange later. (*^^)v


play part 1The elementary school students performed a musical for us! Can you recognize the characters? This year we did "The Wizard of Oz". Students learned very complicated actions. It was fun to watch!


play part 2This year's story was very long! Students memorized many lines in English! Everyone enjoyed watching them. We were impressed! (*^▽^*)
Let's look at one scene in the play:


Good Witch: I can’t believe it. A barn fell from the sky… Hello? Is anyone inside?
Dorothy: Yes, I’m here. Hello.
Good Witch: Are you okay? Are you hurt? Oh! Look there!
Dorothy: Oh no! Somebody is under the barn. This is terrible…
Good Witch: Wait… I know those legs. Hooray! This is great news!
Dorothy: Great news? What do you mean?
Good Witch: I am the Good Witch of the North. That is a bad witch! Thank you for smashing her with your barn.
Dorothy: I see… How can I go home to Kansas? Can you use your magic to help me?
Good Witch: I’m sorry. I don’t know where Kansas is. And I am not powerful. I can’t help you.
Dorothy: What should I do? Who can help me?
Good Witch: Take these magic shoes. Maybe they can help you. You should see the wizard of Oz. He is very, very powerful.
Dorothy: Great! I will go to see him. Where is he?
Good Witch: He is far away in the emerald castle. Follow the yellow brick road. The road will take you there.
Dorothy: Thank you so much! I will go there quickly!
Good Witch: Be careful, little girl. There are more bad witches. Oz is very dangerous.
Dorothy: I will be careful! Thank you, goodbye!
(Dorothy leaves. She walks down the yellow brick road.)
Dorothy: Look, Toto, a scarecrow! That’s funny! I have a scarecrow like this at home!
Scarecrow: Really? Just like me? That’s amazing!
Dorothy: Ahhh! You can talk?
Scarecrow: Of course I can talk! I can walk, too. And I can dance! Yesterday, suddenly, I started to move!
Dorothy: Wow! I have never seen a moving scarecrow before. My name is Dorothy. Nice to meet you, Scarecrow.
Scarecrow: Nice to meet you, too, Dorothy. Actually, I need some help. Some crows told me I don’t have a brain. I’m very sad, because I want to be smart. Can you help me?
Dorothy: Sorry, I can’t help you. I’m going to meet the Wizard of Oz now. I want him to help me go home. Maybe he can give you brains.
Scarecrow: The Wizard of Oz? That sounds exciting! I hope he can help me. Can I walk with you?
Dorothy: Of course. Let’s go together.
(Dorothy and the Scarecrow leave together. They walk down the road into a forest.)
Scarecrow: I wonder if we are close to the castle… I don’t see it yet. Wait, what’s that? I see something shiny over there…
Tinman: Hello? Hello? I hear voices. Please come here and help me. I am stuck!
Scarecrow: How interesting! A man made of tin! What happened to you? Why are you stuck?
Tinman: I was chopping wood. But it started raining, and I got wet. Now my body is very rusty! I can’t move.
Scarecrow: I see! That’s terrible. How can we help you?
Dorothy: Yes, how?
Tinman: I have a small bottle of oil. Can you find it and put it on me? I need oil for my knees and elbows.
Scarecrow: Here it is! I found it. Let’s try.
Tinman: That’s not oil! That’s my lunch!
Scarecrow: Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t have a brain. So I don’t know what oil is. How about this one? Is it oil?
Tinman: Yes, that’s right. Please put it on me quickly.
Scarecrow: Sure. How do you feel now?
Tinman: I feel great!! Thank you so much, I’m so happy! My name is Tinman. I am a lumberjack. I chop wood every day.
Scarecrow: I’m Scarecrow. This is my friend Dorothy. We’re going to see the Wizard of Oz.
Tinman: The Wizard of Oz? His castle is very far away. Why are you going there?
Scarecrow: Dorothy wants to go home. I want to ask the wizard for a brain. I only have stuffing.
Tinman: A brain? Pff! I don’t need a brain. I want a heart! My body is empty inside.
Scarecrow: A heart? I think brains are more important than hearts. But maybe the wizard can give you a heart.
Tinman: That’s a great idea. I will go with you to meet the Wizard.
Scarecrow: Great. Let’s go together…. Oh no!
Dorothy: Oh no!
Tinman: Yes, there are many broken trees blocking the road. That’s why I’m chopping wood! I can chop very fast! Wait a minute. I’ll cut all the trees and make a way.
Scarecrow: Excellent! Your ax is very useful. Let’s go!
Dorothy: Let’s go!
Tinman: Alright! When we have trouble, I can use this ax. I can chop all day, and I never get tired. Being a tinman is great. Let’s go find that Wizard!

cup gameLater, we played some games together! This game was for students and families! Four teams tried to turn their cups to face up. Other teams knocked them down. Which team could keep their cups turned up...? (^_-)-☆


chippy gameWe played the "Chippy" game. Students raced to pull out every tissue from the tissue boxes. But what does "Chippy" mean? Chippy is my hamster!(○'ω'○) His cage is full of tissues. After the game, we gave all the tissues to Chippy. Merry Christmas, Chippy!


group pictureThis year's Christmas party was great. I was happy to see their progress. We had fun playing games, singing, eating, and talking together! Thank you for coming! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

今年のクリスマスパーティーは素晴らしかったです。私は彼らの成長を見て、とても嬉しく思いました。私達はみんなでゲームをしたり、歌ったり、食べたり、話したりして遊びました。 パーティーに来てくれて、ありがとうございます。メリークリスマス・アンド・ハッピーニューイヤー!