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Halloween Party 2021

Halloween Costumes

We had our Halloween party at school this year. 🎃 Everyone was excited to wear costumes and get treats! Of course, we wore masks, too. (●'◡'●) We played Halloween Bingo and talked about monsters. It was fun!

Teachers wore costumes, too! It was fun to talk to students about our Halloween traditions in America. 👻 Do you celebrate Halloween at home? Most Americans celebrate Halloween with their friends. Children go trick-or-treating and adults stay home to give out candy. Some people have Halloween parties, too.

2021 Halloween Costumes

It's getting cold outside! Be sure to dress warmly! We hope you had a nice autumn and a happy Halloween! I hope we can go trick-or-treating next year. See you!

Christmas Party 2020

We couldn't have our normal Christmas Party in 2020... This year's Christmas Party was online! Students made these picture story shows for youtube...!

Here is an introduction video to explain...
Here is one video as an example. (^^♪

I hope we can have a normal Christmas Party next time. Merry Christmas! See you!

Halloween Party 2020

kids in costumes

We had a Halloween party during the lessons! Students and teachers wore costumes. I was a ghost this year. (*'ω'*) It's a classic costume! Students learned Halloween vocabulary and played bingo.

party time

We couldn't do trick-or-treating this year, because of Corona... ( ;∀;) Students got treat bags and took them home to eat later. Of course, we took pictures together, too-- with social distance! Students were glad to attend a party.

last party

Students made origami ghosts and put them around the school as decorations! Some students made cute ghosts, and other students made scary ghosts! It was fun to see so many ghosts in the classroom for one week.

It was a fun and safe Halloween party! Thank you for coming! See you next year~!


Winter Party for Adults 2020

ready to party

We had a winter party for adults at the end of January! Our party started in the evening, so we bought food and drinks. Students arrived after work or university. We sat around the tables and chatted in English. We were looking forward to this party for a long time!


having fun together!

Students who usually study on different days of the week were able to meet and talk for the first time! We teachers also talked with students we don't usually get to talk to. We talked about work, hobbies, travel, and other topics. We laughed and had a great time. Thank you for coming to our winter party for adults! Our next part for adults will be in summer! I hope to see you there!


Christmas 2019

kids show

We had a Christmas party! Students and parents helped decorate the room. After that, we played some warm-up games together. It was very fun! Then, our youngest class performed! They sang songs in English and danced. They decorated a snowman on the stage, too.


scene 1

Next, our elementary school students performed "The Little Mermaid" together. There were seven scenes in all. The lines were very long this year, but students worked hard to memorize them. We used a projector for the underwater scenes. It looked cool!


scene 5

This year, students had to memorize complicated actions and transformation scenes. They practiced together many times so they could do a great job. The experienced students could sing difficult songs and act very well. We were happy to see their progress!


Let's see one scene!

Eric: Okay. This is the beach where I met you. Your sister went to get your father. Can you go home from here?
Ariel: Yes… (sigh)I don’t want to go back. I want to travel and see many countries.
(King Triton enters)
Triton: Ariel, is that you? Sebastian and your sister told me what happened. I was very worried.
Eric: Wow, another mermaid! I can’t believe it!
Ariel: He is my father, King Triton. He doesn’t like humans.
Triton: Of course I don’t. And I’m not a mermaid, I’m a merman. Anyway, Ariel, it’s time to go home.
Eric: Oh, please, King Triton! Can Ariel stay on the land? We want to try many activities! Like baking, riding horses, flying kites, hula hooping…
Ariel: Yes, please, father! You have very powerful magic! Can you please make me human?
Triton: No way! Absolutely not! Humans are bad and dangerous! I don’t want Ariel to stay here.
Eric: Some humans are bad and dangerous. But some mermaids are bad and dangerous, too, like the sea witch. You shouldn’t be afraid of humans.
Ariel: Yes. The mermaid world is too small for me. There is only one city.
Triton: Hmm… I see. But if you become a human, I can’t meet you. I will be very worried about you. Sebastian and your sister will be worried, too.
Eric: I have a good idea! You can use magic, right? Can you make a magic mirror? Then you can use the magic mirror to talk to each other!
Ariel: Great idea! Please give me a magic mirror!
Triton: A magic mirror? Of course I can make that. It’s easy for me. Are you sure you want to become a human, Ariel?
Eric: If you don’t like being a human, we can come back here. King Triton can change you to a mermaid again! Maybe he can change me to a merman, too, and I can see your city!
Ariel: How about that, father? Eric and I will travel for a few months. Then, we will come back here. I can become a mermaid again, if I want!
Triton: Hmm… Okay, I will do it for you. But I have some rules. I will give you the magic mirror, and you should call me every day. Also, you can’t tell other people that you are a mermaid.
Eric: Of course! We will keep it a secret. I won’t tell anybody about mermaids. I promise you.
Ariel: Yes, I promise, too. I won’t tell anybody that I’m a mermaid. I will call you every day and tell you about my adventure.
Triton: Well… okay. You are an adult now, so I trust you.
(Triton takes out two mirrors and gives one to Ariel.)
Here is your magic mirror. Please be careful when you travel.
Eric: Amazing! With this mirror, Ariel will never be lonely. And you won’t worry about her.
Ariel: I can show you the human world, too! Aren’t you interested?
Triton: Me? Interested in the human world? No, no… of course not. But… maybe I’m a little bit interested in trains and airplanes. We don’t have them in the ocean.
Eric: I like trains and airplanes, too! We can show you how they move! We can get some great souvenirs from the human world, too!
Ariel: Look, I have one already! It’s a comb.
(Ariel gives a fork to King Triton)
Triton: Wow, a silver comb! The shape is very interesting. I think many mermaids are interested in humans. Please bring me many souvenirs. I will teach the others.
Eric: That's not a comb… Oh well. It’s okay. So, what do you think, King Triton? Will you make her a human?
Ariel: Please, father! It’s my dream!
Triton: (Sighs) Okay… I understand. I will make you a human. Don’t forget your promises to me.
(Triton uses magic. Ariel becomes a human again.)
Eric: Hooray! Thank you for your help! I’m so excited for our adventure!
Ariel: Me, too! Thank you so much, father! I have so many things to see and do!
Triton: You’re welcome. I’m glad you’re happy. I hope you enjoy being a human.


After the last scene, the students came back to the stage for an interview. Teachers asked them what they wanted for Christmas. They gave many different answers. They were not shy to stand on the stage and speak English!



After the show, we had a present exchange and played some games together. The last game was bingo! Students paid close attention to the numbers called. They wanted to get bingo and choose a prize from the table. Bingo is always exciting!(*'ω'*)


group photo

At the end of the party, we took a picture together. All of the teachers enjoyed spending time with the cute students and friendly parents. We hope you had a good time, too! See you next year! Merry Christmas!

パーティーの最後に、一緒に写真を取りました。私達講師は、かわいい生徒達とフレンドリーなご両親達とよい時間を過ごしました。皆さんも楽しんで頂けたでしょうか? また来年ね!メリークリスマス!


Summer School 2019

summer school flag We started Summer School by making the Summer School flag. Kindergarten students colored the bears and put them on the flag. We practiced saying the colors in English. We hung the flag in the yard while we played in the pool!

今年もサマースクールの旗を作る事からスタート!幼児たちはベアをいろんな色で塗り、それを旗に貼りました。英語で色の単語を言う練習をしました。 その旗をお庭の木に掛け、プールで遊びました。

boatsStudents made boats to race in the pool. The boats are made of styrofoam. Students drew designs on them with markers. Whose boat was the fastest? We had races in the pool to find out. Students splashed in the water to move their boats to the other side of the pool. It was fun!


games in the poolWe played games together in the pool. Students looked for balls with special stickers on them. It was a treasure hunt! We did some science experiments in the pool, too. It was very hot that day, so we enjoyed cooling down in the water.


listening to teacherStudents listened to me to learn how to make the craft. First we drew a shape on black paper, and next we cut it out. Then we used small pieces of tissue paper to make colorful sun catchers. Students loved their crafts!

生徒達はクラフトの作り方を学ぶために私の言う事をよく聞いていました。最初、黒い紙に一つの形を描きました。そしてその次に私達はその形に紙を切りました。 それから私達は小さなティッシュペーパーを使用して、カラフルなサンキャッチャーを作成しました。生徒達はクラフトが大好きです!

suncatchersWe made suncatchers! We put them on the window. Students chose the shape and colors of their suncatchers. They were very happy to make the craft by themselves, and they were proud of the results. Their mothers and fathers were impressed, too!


group pictureWe took a picture together with our flag and crafts! Everyone had a great time playing together. Teachers had a great time talking to the funny and cute students. Thank you for coming to Teddy Bear Summer School! See you next year!

私達はサマースクール旗や作成したクラフトと共に写真を撮りました。みんな一緒に遊んで素晴らしい時間を過ごしました。 先生達も楽しくかわいい生徒達とお話しする楽しい時間を過ごしました。テディ・ベアのサマースクールに来てくれてありがとう。来年もまたお会いしましょうね!

Summer Party for Adults 2019

adult summer partyThis year we had a free talking party for adults! It was the first time we had such an event in many years. We had soft drinks and snacks and talked together. It was interesting talking to students of all different ages. Students could speak English with other students and teachers that they don't usually see at school. Thank you for coming to our summer party! I hope to see you next time, too!